Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mobile Blog Money

What Is Mobile Blog Money?

Who Is Chris Waldron?

Mobile Blog Money is created by Chris Waldron, a young internet marketer from Virginia, USA. His name is relatively new in this business, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. From my experience, those who are trying to make name for themselves often offer very high quality products.

The Product

mobile blog moneyMobile Blog Money is software accompanied with a course that enables and teaches you how to tap into billion dollar mobile marketing industry. As you probably know, mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular, and many internet marketing veterans are jumping into this business model.

Basically, the idea in the system is to make blogs and squeeze pages that are optimized for mobile users. The software provides you all the templates needed. Your job is to make the mobile optimized website(s), using the pre-formatted templates, for the niche you choose. Then you can promote them to your target audience.

The system teaches you how to do that efficiently. There are two main ways; building an opt-in list and ads.

1. Building an opt-in list

In this method, you use an opt-in form to collect your visitors phone numbers. Then you can send them occasional text messages from the products you are promoting.

2. Ads

This is a lot like Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, and other traditional pay per click programs. However, it is MUCH cheaper.

If you are using your mobile phone a lot in surfing the net, you probably have seen the ads that appear sometimes on your screen. These are the ads you can use in promoting your products. The Mobile Blog Money will teach you everything you need to know about this.

What Are the Main Modules of the Mobile Blog Money Software?

Module #1 – The Builder

The Builder gives you all the templates in several different niches and teaches you how to use them in building your money making mobile blogs. You will also get all the information you need in order to get your business started.

Module #2 - The Buyer Sniper

In this module, you will learn how to reach your target audience and those who are buyers. This is very important part of the system. Even though there are billions of mobile users, only small percent of them are actually willing to buy. Also, your traffic needs to be extremely targeted.

Module #3 - The Automator

After you have found a profitable market and campaign, you need to be able to repeat and duplicate the process as effortless as possible. The Automator is very useful in doing that.

Module #4 - Competition Manifesto

It is a known fact that the more competition the more money is been made in that niche. With this module you can take advantage of your competitors and make even more money. In other words, the more competition the more money you can make.


Mobile Blog Money is a 4 module system that educates you how to utilize the mobile advertising boom that is becoming increasingly popular. You will learn how to build mobile optimized niche blogs, how to market your blogs and product(s), and how to use your competitors to earn even more money.

As mentioned above, there are billions of dollars to be in mobile marketing industry. Those who are there early, get the most benefits from it. Mobile Blog Money is an exceptional system that gives you ALL the tools you need in order to build a profitable mobile business.

This was my review of the Mobile Blog Money system. Hopefully, you found something useful from it. Follow the link below to visit the official website.

(Hint: If you are willing to get the product, don’t purchase it at the original page. When you are leaving the site, you will get an additional offer to save $10 dollars from the product.)